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Nicki Minaj – Chun Swae Ft Swae Lee

Nicki Minaj – Chun Swae Ft Swae Lee
listen to Nicki Minaj – Chun Swae Ft Swae Lee

The moment is finally upon us. Taking to her own Beats 1 show for the announcement, Queen Radio, Nicki Minaj has delivered her brand new album Queen, complete with plenty of familiar faces. One of the most prominent names is Eminem, who spent a brief moment in time wooing his potential “girlfriend” Minaj on Instagram; now, Slim reunites with his “Roman’s Revenge” collaborator for another go-around, leaving us speculating on whether or not the studio sessions were as cordial as the pre-game courting ritual.

On Queen, the reigning monarch is her playful self. She teases innuendo and causal links to borderline relationships. In regards to Eminem, they tussle for a bit on “Majesty,” but barely long enough for a crowd to come sailing. Nicki even realizes a childhood dream by invoking Foxy Brown on the final measures. Foxy’s Broken Silence was a record that shaped the way she envisioned her career unfolding. If Nicki is Foxy’s Brown musical progeny, where does the line pass from here?

It may be too soon to level off balanced of opinion of Nicki’s 4th album, the day of its release. Within the coming days we’ll be able to gauge whether her arduous stop-and-go treatment of the album was well intended or not. Nicki Minaj promises to upset somebody in the process, because on some level she represents a heliocentric view of modern rap.

Peep “Chun Swae” featuring Swae Lee now, and sound off below. Be sure to check out Queen, out now.

Lyrics Extract
Fall off in the spot, every girl coming like a shark
Hanging on my necklace, this ain’t no ski resort
Fall off in the spot, every girl coming like a shark
Put that thing in park, I’ma let my fit pick you apart
Glowing in the dark, pretty young girls on board
Running with the marksmen, everything on point like, “En garde”


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