Cardi B Becomes First Female Rapper To Land First Three Hot 100 Entries In Top 10

Less than two months after she broke the 19-year-old record to become first female rapper leading the Billboard Hot 100 charts, Cardi B is back again with yet another record.

According to Billboard, the Bodak Yellow rapper has now emerged the first female rapper “to send her first three entries on the Billboard Hot 100 to the top 10.”
This record was made possible by her collaborative project, MotorSport, featuring Migos and Nicki Minaj who rose from its 15th position on the chart to no. 6 this week. Cardi has already gotten two top ten records with G-Eazy’s No Limit featuring A$AP Rocky, and, of course, Bodak Yellow.

Cardi B beat two other female rappers – Lil Mama and Iggy Azalea– whose first two entries on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart made top 10. Sadly, those women have fallen off the charts; while Lil Mama no longer releases records, Iggy is still struggling to make a comeback just three years after she ruled the waves.
Many people are hopeful that this will not be the fate of Cardi B; she is very likable and has a massive fanbase.

The only female who has been able to maintain her position at the top is Nicki Minaj. Consistently for almost a decade, the rap icon(who has two no. 1 albums, and has the highest entries on the chart by any female), maintains her position in an industry that glorifies men and pitches the women as rivals.

Presently, there is a campaign to bring Nicki Minaj down and elevate Cardi as the next queen of rap (as though many women cannot exist at same time in the industry), and this has created an unhealthy competition between the two.

They are unfairly analysed and assumed to be throwing shots at each other. The industry may succeed in this plan to make them enemies just so many women will not rule the waves at same time

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