Kylie Jenner Fans Impatiently Await Pregnancy Reveal, New Photo Seems To Prove As Much

It’s about time Kylie Jenner puts these pregnancy rumours to rest.

When Kim Kardashian shared a family portrait to her Instagram on Christmas Eve, the first thing that many fans noticed was that Kylie Jenner was missing in action. When Kim then followed up with a final photo on Christmas Day, Kylie was once again missing, leaving fans disappointed since they assumed it would have revealed Kylie’s possible pregnancy.

This rumoured baby between the reality star and Travis Scott has now thrown most people off especially since Kylie hasn’t shared any pics that reveal anything below her shoulders. Even in her recent LOVE magazine feature, the cover photo only shows a close up of her face.

Thanks to the Twitterverse, a new photo has surfaced that many are believing to be Kylie with a very much pregnant figure. The photo is very blurry, but if you look below you can see that the alleged Kylie is standing at the same venue her BFF, Jordyn Woods,

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