NBA Confirms 4 Missed Calls In Final Minutes Of Cavs vs Warriors

NBA admits Durant should’ve been whistled for a foul on LeBron.

In the final 72 seconds of the Golden State Warriors’ Christmas day victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, officials missed three foul calls against Kevin Durant, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute report released last night.

As the release states, the refs missed a Durant foul on LeBron James with 1:12 remaining in the game. Additionally, the league mentions that KD should have been called for two more fouls on LeBron as he drove to the hoop with 27 seconds left.

If the officials had correctly whistled Durant for the foul, LeBron would have went to the line for two free throws. At the time of the no-call, the Warriors were leading the Cavs 95-92.

LeBron wasn’t the least bit surprised by the report, but Durant told reporters after the game that it felt like a clean block.

“It felt clean,” he said, via The Athletic’s Anthony Slater. “It’s probably the same play a bunch of those dudes on Twitter [are] probably arguing about in 24 Hour Fitness: ‘That wasn’t a foul.’ They’ve been in that position before, but just not on Christmas at Oracle Arena. So they know. They know if they ain’t call it, it’s not a foul. But I’m sure if they get that call next week in 24 Hour Fitness, they’re going to be pissed that they called a foul. So keep that s–t on Twitter.”

“Obviously the overturned one, he fouled me twice,” James said, according to “But, whatever. What are you going to do about it?”

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